What is Art?

What is art?

Art is anything and everything. Art draws the eye, warms the heart, and connects people. Art is said to mirror life- so everything in everyday life is able to be seen as a master piece. A great artist can take the ordinary and know how to make the topic more potent or how to manipulate color and deform shapes expertly to affect the viewer. Art usually (preferably) has a purpose and meaning to it. In the Stone Age, art was possibly used to give a visual definition of what was seen outside, as a teaching method, and occasionally as a ritual method. When people began to be self-aware and draw man, art work grew exponentially and become more common. People specialized in types of artwork (painting, sketching, pottery) and was highly revered. Man has always valued artwork and aimed to become better and represent images more realistically. Art is constant and is never static. It improves with each new artists who dares to change the status quo and shows more individuality.

Art is sounds. Many professional musicians say that they hear music in the wind, in shoes tapping, rhythms in speech. Anything can inspire them to play and create. Hans Christian Anderson beautifully stated, “Where words fail, music speaks.” In the same way, every facet of art should have this affect on the body, mind, and soul. When emotions overcome you and you have no way to express exactly what you are going through, painting or sculpting or crafting or singing can liberate you from your pains. And imagine how much more relieving it would be if you experienced more than one of the arts at the time. Listening to music that the artist might have heard at their time period, playing music of a certain mood to tie in with the art, or simply background music to fill in the empty space. People could be more focused and spend more than 2 minutes thinking about a piece before becoming self-conscious or bored. Art is in everything and everywhere and it could be in everyone.