Artistic Inspiration

In Painting 1, all students were challenged with doing a study of a master artist’s landscape. I was immediately drawn to a painting by Kevin Macpherson portraying a view of water through trees. The cool blues and greens and pops of orange reminded me of the trips to Seattle that I have made every year. At my last stay in Seattle, I went on a morning walk around Yellow Lake and took pictures of practically the same seen. Macpherson’s use of color and painting techniques inspired me to trying my hand at a few painting in his style even after finishing the study. With Macpherson’s use of color, the viewer can see all the tones and shades that make up a subject while still showing how light hits the subject. It’s beautiful, fascinating, and complex to look at and equally exciting to create.

Kevin Macpherson’s Website

Another artist that serves as inspiration to me is Bruce Conner. I recently discovered Conner’s work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art where his exhibit “It’s All True” was being held. Before entering the exhibit, there is a large canvas saying all the things (positive and negative) that have ever been said about his work. Seeing how these comments motivated and inspired Conner’s to create moving pieces of art was wonderful and will have a lasting effect on how I hold myself and handle criticisms.