Karina Michaels is an artist from Irvine, California. She is currently studying as a Studio Arts Major at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Her favorite forms of media are oil paints, charcoal, and pencil. However, you can often catch her drawing portraits using Copic Markers and ink. When she is not attending school you can find her outside hiking, kayaking, or playing music. Karina frequently plays piano, marimba, and guitar and loves to take part in groups and casual performances with friends.

Personal Statement:

     I have always been a “visual” person. From memorizing directions to learning subjects, I have always used visuals (drawings, pictures, etc.) to understand and comprehend. When I was twelve years old, my mother and I went on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I was fascinated by the remodeling the town was doing—the art students were restoring houses to the way they were in the 1800s. I loved the way that present and past were so perfectly combined to create something beautiful. This experience inspired me to take art classes in high school and eventually led me to pursuing art in college. As I learn more about myself and art, I find myself enjoying the process of oil painting and art history. In the future I hope to work in a gallery or museum where I can be surrounded by art and history and give people the same transforming experience that inspired me to follow my passion for art.